Tom Miller


I recently got sent a bag of your jerky from a monthly jerky deal I signed up to, We don't get much jerky in Norway (IE I have to make myself since they only jack Jack Links the (McDonalds of jerky)

Your jerky is the best I have tasted!

Thanks guys!

Sheila Booker


I am out of beef jerkey!!!  All 10 bags are gone.  I cannot believe I ate it so fast, but it is so good.  I had to go to Chevon and buy a bag today.  It appears that you have conquered your salt ratio, for it was not as salty as the ones I purchased.  I may need another 10 bags soon!!!! 

Sheila Booker
Accounting Analys


Just crushed that pack of jerkey I traded you for those headies after the gorge. Great trade, A+ jerkey.


Though an embarrassing episode of extremely poor planning, I find my self going into the second week of NFL football with only 1 1/2 bags of Bogey's left in the house!!  PLEASE forward another mixed case ASAP (yes, I know this is my 4th case this year, but I'm sure that doesn't indicate a "problem" or a "cry for help" right?? Oh well, if it does, I'll consider entering into Bogey's Anonymous AFTER this case! Thanks.

Cousin Jim Thaxton

I just picked up a bag of Smokey Heat at the Juice Box in Sandy Springs. I'm a jerky man from birth, and that is the best damn beef jerky I've ever had ... I ate the whole bag on the way home !! But that heat lingers son !!!

Just wanted to let you know; this is the first time in 41 years I felt the inclined to tell someone how much I enjoy their product! Good job !!

Zach Smith

Best jerky out there.

I'm a junior at Woodward Academy and I can assure you Bogeys Beef is the best jerky around. Ever since my campus store started selling it, I can no longer eat any other brand jerky because it just doesn't taste the same.

Alex Morettini


A friend of mine bragged about your beef jerky. He's from Texas and usually a hard critique but kept your card. That sure sold me.

I am interested in testing out your product and wondering if your established business would consider partnering with the media outlet I help manage. We are one of the leading media outlets in the state of Georgia with close to half a million followers. We help build brands and bring awareness.

Hope to hear back from you.



Hi! My fiancé and I met y'all in Nola last week. We bought some of your jerky because you were giving a bag to the homeless. We thought that was so cool! And not to mention we loved it. So we purchased another.... Well we're out of jerky and want more. Can we get a sweet deal like you gave us while we were there?

Happy customer

Hey you guys know me I work at Tomo Japanese restaurant. I didn't know how to contact you about more beef jerky, but I purchased it through your website. Me and my wife are big fans of this jerky

Jon Top

Love your product

Message: Just received your product as a gift. It is terrific!!!!! We would definitely buy it and be a repeat customer. Tastes so much fresher than what is on the shelves in our local stores. Will it be available in Phoenix AZ area stores?

Fred and Jeanne Zalud

I just want to say the beef jerky is amazing. I have tried three other brands from Georgia and so far yours is the best tasting and clearly the best quality jerky.

awesome Customer

Thanks so much for sending out replacement packages of the beef jerky as well as the T-shirt. Love the t-shirt. As for the jerky, I'm really glad you were able to send a sampling of all your flavors. They're all really delicious! I like the brighter flavors of the Gnarly & Garly, but the Smoke & Fire might be my favorite flavor, with the Smoke & Heat coming in a very close second. The one bit of feedback I would have is some strips tend to be a little less tender than others, but overall the quality is very good. I look forward to buying more jerky from Bogeys Beef in the future. Consider me one of your newest brand advocates.

Best regards,
Dave Persaud

Dave Persaud